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PlastFormance technology delivers unmatched physical
properties for different product segments

Our high performance compounds offer various areas of applications in a variety of different industries. By using different filler materials, our compounds are not only thermally conductive, but can also provide magnetic features or shield against gamma radiation. Thereby we are capable of addressing the most diverse industries such as mechanical or electrical engineering all the way to the medical or nuclear industry.


Thermal conductivity

+ electrical insulation

  • Hotspot cooling

  • Micro electronics

  • Battery cooling

  • e-Mobility



thermal conductivity

  • Redox flow/Li-ion batteries

  • Fuel cells

  • IoT applications

  • Nuclear medicine

  • Nuclear power

  • Customs and
    border control

  • Permanent and
    soft magnets

  • Electromagnetic high frequency shielding

Radiation shielding

Magnetic properties

Application example for LEDs

Due to the rapid development in the LED sector, not only the brightness but also the associated waste heat increases. To dissipate heat, heat sinks are installed behind the LED chips. Conventional LEDs are equipped with aluminium heat sinks, as aluminium has an excellent thermal conductivity of up to 230 W/mK and a low weight. However, the production of aluminum heat sinks is complex and costly due to the milling of the cooling fins. Therefore, injection-mouldable, thermally conductive plastic compounds are being considered as an alternative. These combine the free shaping possible of the injection moulding process with high thermal conductivity values of the fillers. In order to enable further functions in addition to the property of heat sinks, there is great interest in high-performance compounds that are also electrically insulating. As a result, LED chips including conductor tracks can be bonded directly to the heat sink.


PlastFormance high-performance compounds

In the processes used to date for the production of thermally conductive, highly filled compounds, flaky-shaped fillers are used. With these fillers, filler contents of approx. 50% can be achieved. However, these are only suitable as alternative heat sink materials to a limited extent, as they have limited thermal conductivities. The problem is that when the injection molding melt solidifies, the flaky-shaped fillers solidify on the surface in the direction of flow, while they arrange themselves randomly in the center of the component. On the one hand, this reduces the proportion of fillers with the result that the thermal conductivity is reduced. On the other hand, the platelets arranged in the surface plane have a highly anisotropic material behavior, since the thermal conductivity in the depth direction is limited by their arrangement. Therefore, PlastFormance has developed a revolutionary, patented process to produce highly filled compounds with powder instead of flaky mixtures. This not only increases the filler content and flowability of the compounds, but also the thermal conductivities. Since the finest powder mixtures have homogeneous, isotropic properties, the thermal conductivity is also guaranteed integrally by the component in all directions in space. In addition to excellent thermal conductivities, our products also have very low electrical conductivites. This makes the novel high-performance compounds ideal for injection-mouldable heat sinks.

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