Our Team



Helmut Aicher

Managing Dircetor Productions / R&D



Joachim Reinhardt

Managing Director

Sales & Finance



Maximilian Funck

Director Business Development

M.Sc. Wirt.-Ing


René Timmroth

Director Research & Development

Dipl. Chemiker

Our Story


Since 2012 intensive research work has been conducted in the ATP Aicher + Tröbs Produktentwicklung GmbH -today's PlastFormance sister company- to develop new chemical processes for high-performance compounds. In 2014, it was possible to produce injection-mouldable thermoplastics with a significantly higher degree of filling for the first time (e.g. highly thermally conductive compounds).

After further breakthroughs in the technology, a first patent application for this innovative development was filed in 2015 and granted to ATP at the end of 2017. Since then, the technology has been continuously developed further, also in the form of follow-up patents.

In summer 2018 PlastFormance GmbH was spun off from ATP. Today, compound production and marketing is carried out by PlastFormance. PlastFormance has the exclusive rights for the worldwide distribution of all compound materials based on the patented technology. As a strong sister company with expertise in CAD design, component development, mould making and injection moulding, ATP works in close cooperation with PlastFormance.

We provide our customers with the materials with exactly the properties that take their products to unrivalled performance levels - at low system costs and with unlimited design freedom.