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Product technology

The patented PlastFormance technology allows us to craft compounds with unprecedented filler contents whithout giving up on the injection-moulding capability. The developed materials are highly functional as the filler material (e.g. ceramic or metal) transfers its characteristics to the compound while maintaining the processability of the plastic.

Plastic compounds: 

 Best of both worlds?

Plastic compounds combine the properties of filler (e.g. ceramic or metallic) and plastic in one material. The inheritance of the filler characteristics to the respective compound becomes more pronounced with higher filler content in the finished material.


The problem

In existing compounds, the processability, especially the flowability in injection-moulding, decreases rapidly with increasing filling content. The full performance can often not be delivered because the limits of processability have been reached.



The solution:

PlastFormance Technology

The patented PlastFormance technology makes it possible to maintain the injection-moulding capability even at very high filler contents (80 % vol.). Depending on the filler used, it is possible to adjust the desired material properties (e.g. electrical conductivity or insulation). Since we use powdery instead of flaky filler particles, thermal conductivities of up to 20 W/mK can be achieved not only in-plane, but integrally.

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