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PlastFormance is the strong material partner to drive your products to new performance levels.

From thermally conductive plastics to hotspot cooling to highly electrically conductive
plastics for bipolar plates or heavy plastics for gamma radiation protection:

We will find the right solution for you.

We deliver high-performance, innovative compounds
for your future technologies

What if an injection-moulded plastic could...


...conduct heat like metal and  insulate electricity like ceramic?

The PlastFormance TC (Thermally Conductive) series offers thermal conductivity up to 20 W/mK integral with electrical insulation. Perfect for hotspot heat dissipation in high performance components!


... conduct electricity like graphite, 
with the design freedom of plastic?

Our EC series (Electrically Conductive) offers materials with electric conductivities that are comparable to graphite plates - with significantly better mechanical properties.


PlastFormance M products are heavy plastics with densities up to 15 g/ccm for radiation shielding - at significantly lower costs than conventional tungsten parts.

... shield gamma radiation 50% better than lead, but is toxicologically safe?

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